Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Harvest Challenge - Plums

Harvest Challenge - Plums
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Bill suggested another challenge - the great fruit harvest ( and posted these luscious yellow/red plums! YUM! THANKS Bill -- another fun challenge!

Our own plum trees have finished fruiting and will now set bud for next year's harvest. I wish I could have made some plum jam from these!!

My paintings, altered books and displays for the Arboretum all go up in our local library today! My walls at home are bare as are my bookshelves .. but it will be fun to see everything on large walls ...!

Meetings follow the set up along with budgets and preparations for more classes ... busy time!

Thus far, Hurricane Earl is still scheduled to miss landfall in NC -- my fingers are still crossed!

Have a great day!


Teri C said...

Just beautiful and they look good enough to eat!

Lorraine said...

Ooh they DO look delicious enough to eat -- but are just too gorgeous to do so!
Wonderful painting Lin - love the colors and the shadows and the way they are arranged.

I am so excited about your show and can't wait to hear all the details.

So glad Earl is not a big threat to you there and hope he stays out in the ocean and bothers no one.