Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inspired by Chilopsis

Inspired by Chilopsis
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This is a quick splash and splatter study of a flower I was asked to paint for next year's arboretum brochure. The tree, desert willow or Chilopsis, is now blooming on the college's property. Its leaves remind me of oleanders and the flowers remind me or orchids - except the tree is far taller. Our flowers are both pink and white (we have a couple of trees) and so this was a practice piece to get into the mood to paint a more deliberate rendition.

Rested quite a bit yesterday - truly needed it ... and I'll have a bit of painting time today -- yahoo! We're also promised a major change in the weather -- cool temps and RAIN! We'll see ...

Hope your weekend is terrific!


Teri C said...

How exciting to paint a flower for your brochure. This first one is beautiful, can't wait to see the next one.

Good you are getting some R&R.

Sarika Alvekar-Shelke said...

They are lovely Lin

Lorraine said...

What an honor to paint the cover for the arboretum's booklet. I think this painting is gorgeous -- an it's a practice piece??? I love the colors and contrast on the flowers and the details on both the flowers and greenery. I also love the blue green of the greenery. Gorgeous.