Monday, September 20, 2010

Midnight Morning Glories - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Today Charles and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was 18 years ago that we were wed under the shade of a large maple tree in one of our favorite state parks. We decorated our wedding invitations with these midnight blue morning glories, I wore silk flowers in my hair and carried them in my bouquet. And Charles wore one too on his suit.

I painted this image of morning glories in the darker shade of blue (I sold the heavenly blue painting) to celebrate today ...

Outside one of our windows, the Sweet Autumn Clematis vine and the midnight blue morning glory continue to bloom - and, as if celebrating too, the fragrant tea olive is in full floral fragrance ....

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHARLES!!! May we keep blooming!


Lorraine said...

So it's beautiful Lin. The color is so pure and the white and blue together make such a nice combination, along with the varied green in the vine and leaves.

Happy Happy Anniversary to you both. What a nice sentiment -- for your marriage to continue to bloom! You are such a poet as well as a painter!

Big hugs to you both,

Joan said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Sounds like the perfect place to have had the ceremony.

This is lovely. I love the blue in the morning glories...they always look so bright, and in your hands even nicer!

I love the painting full of life, light, and color. Beautiful job!

Patti G. said...

Love your morning glory and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarika Alvekar-Shelke said...

Nice flowers Lin, and Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful year ahead !!!

Teri C said...

Happy Anniversary Lin and Charles!! A bit late but sent fromm my heart.