Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quiet Day at the Beach

Quiet Day at the Beach
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The kids have gone back to school, the labor day holiday is behind us, though a train-trail of hurricanes are in the Atlantic, the days are still hot and dry, and the beaches are so dang inviting with their sands, blues and peacefulness .... I imagine the calls of the gulls asking where we are ... and I'd like to be there to answer them -- wouldn't you?

Our trip yesterday was fabulous ... our first vineyard the most incredibly informative -- we got to see the harvesting, taste the grapes, take photos of the vines, grapes and harvesting, taste a few wines. Our second vineyard, larger in sales and size, was more focused on the inside production of the wine -- interesting - but not as much, at least to me, as seeing the fields, the grapes, and the ENTIRE process in one place. Such beauty too!

We've Plant a Row for the Hungry this morning and we'll be gathering herbs and checking on the growing greenhouse plants.

Hope your day is great!


Lorraine said...

Beautiful and serene. I'd love to find an empty white beach about now -- it's raining heavily here. But we needed it badly so I'm not really complaining.

The white foam/surf looks terrific against the dark of the ocean and horizon and your beach grasses and fence are terrific.

Joan said...

This looks like Long Island! Lovely job on this with the deep colors of the ocean. Great job on the fence and the beach grasses.

I went to the beach yesterday for a bit...a big change in temperature from last week.

I hope you got a lot of reference photos yesterday for more vineyard paintings. Enjoy!!

Teri C said...

So serenely beautiful!

Claire M said...

Beautiful painting of the beach - it looks so real -- I just want to walk right into it.