Monday, February 28, 2011

Fewston Ponds - Steve Hall2

Fewston Ponds - Steve Hall2
Originally uploaded by linfrye
9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

My sincere thanks to Steve Hall for allowing me to use his photograph for this painting. Steve's photography is magnificent - please check out his site ( .... Thanks so much Steve!

I was away from the house most of yesterday as I worked a bit with my son to ready his new home for his move this week. When I returned, I spent the rest of the evening hemming and creating new curtains for my granddaughter's new room. C's jam went well, and I managed to hear a bit of it before I left ... By the time I got everything done prior to leaving this morning for the workweek, it was mighty late!

We're in for some rain today -- and we need every drop. Our drought has begun mighty early this year.

Hope your week is terrific!


Teri C said...

Oh this is just glorious!!!!!!!!!!!

freebird said...


Joan said...

This has such a wonderful serene feel to it!! Great job!

We are having lots of rain today!!! No plein air painting. lol Hope you have a great day.

cristina dalla valentina said...

It's really fabulous, Lin!

Lorraine said...

WOW. Terrific painting Lin. The colors are marvelous and I love the reflections. I think you've raised the bar on reflections!! Love the entire scene.

It started raining here yesterday afternoon and we had thunderstorms off and on all night, with a driving rain and winds about 6 a.m. Whew. I don't think we have a water shortage after all this rain but we do have lots of flooding.

Thanks for another gorgeous painting.
big hugs,