Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orchid Challenge

Orchid Challenge
Originally uploaded by linfrye
1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Bill posted an orchid challenge ( in the Watercolourist, Painting with Light group. I have been painting 'loose' flowers for a while, and thought I'd return to more traditional watercolor techniques to approach this very formal flower.

I tried scanning my painting on 2 different scanners, but the light bleached out the pale yellow, sky blue and magenta background -- but if you squint a bit, you can just about see the colors in this upload.

THANKS so much, Bill for the challenge - Wonderful fun!

We've another late night gardening class tonight -- vegetables -- my favorite topic! And a full-house and waiting list!

I took a long walk around the campus yesterday - already crocus are up, forsythia is a bright yellow, and our apricot trees (Prunus mumi) are in FULL bloom -- yet the temps are in the 40s making spring seem more like a dream than the flowers may reveal ...

Hope your day is grand!


freebird said...

This is really pretty. Very nice job.

Joan said...

Lovely job on this!!! They look so delicate.

We are still having cold temps here and the snow is still covering the ground a bit. I like it on the ground, but not on the roads. Enjoy your day!

Lorraine said...

Lovely Lin. Darn those scanners -- your artwork should be shown in all its glory. Having seen it up close and personal, I know that everything you paint is far more detailed and beautiful than what appears on your blog. Orchids are tough to do and you did a great job with them.
Big hugs,
Lorraine (cold here too; wind and temps, brrr)