Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pink Glow on the Pond - Oxford

1/8 sheet
Arches 140#CP

As evening fades at the cusp of spring, there seems to be a change in the way light reflects off the land. Such inspired this painting by one of my local ponds The light at sunset on this particular evening turned the still, quiet waters and tawny grasses a wonderful rosy pink, as if the entire landscape were blushing with the promise of a new season .....

And though the promise was made for a season yet to come, we begin our annual cha-cha with the weather. From 70s and 60s we now dance backward to the 30s and 40s ....next week, we'll probably glide forward to the 60s again ... the dance of changes.....

Have a great day!


Joan said...

Love the flowers below and the peaceful serentity of this pond!! We had a bit of snow...about 2/3 inches...enough to make things look pretty again.

I'm tired of the cold. I went out to paint from my car yesterday and had to keep turning on the heat to keep warm. Hope your day is sunny and warm, Lin!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

I agree with Joan. Pink Glow on the Pond. It's lovely.

I'm tired of the cold also. I come to your blog just to warm up.

Teri C said...

This is so beautiful!!!!!

Lorraine said...

Oh wow; that rosy glow is incredible. This is a whole new way to interpret your lovely scenes around your "neighborhood." I am amazed at the glow you achieved and the color overall is terrific. I stand/sit in awe once again dear friend!
Big hugs,