Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shack in the Woods

Shack in the Woods
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What a full weekend it has been -- today -- REST! After working in the gardens at the Arboretum, then working in my own gardens Friday, yesterday C and I tackled the entire reorganization and clean-up of our shed! Two trips to the landfill after removing 3/4s of the contents - rubbish that had been in that shed for 15 years, moving things around -- we now have room on the potting bench for me to actually pot my plants, areas where I can reach my garden tools without stepping over boxes of supplies, and floor space we haven't seen in ages! My gracious ...

But oh, the price we are paying today! Sore backs, hands, sneezing from all the dust ... STILL, IT IS DONE! and the tidiness of it thrills me!

I painted this shed during the week, as my hands and fatigue allowed me merely to splatter a bit last night. It's from our drive through Granville County last weekend - the woodlands just beginning to green up agains the tawny fields that still remain.

I saw some wonderful barns yesterday in our back and forth trips, so perhaps today I can get out to take some photographs. With the sun's directional change and so much of the vegetation down for the winter, it's a good time to get a bit closer to those wonderful old barns.

The temps today are supposed to be in the 60sF, but when I went outside to feed the kitties, it felt as cold as winter 40s ....I suppose Fridays 70F really spoiled us!

Have a happy Sunday!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Beautiful painting... reclaiming your garden shed sounds like a job.. and one we should do as well before it gets too hot. Enjoy your new potting shed :-)

Joan said...

What a beautiful look to this rural the colors. You must be so sore from all that work. My hubby took me dancing last night so I'm a little achy too.

It is cold here again!!! Wishing you warm sun to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Teri C said...

You have such beautiful scenery around you.
Sounds like lots of work was done there too. Such a good feeling when it is all done.

freebird said...

Love the painting. I'll have to remember how you added all that green in the background. Sounds like you are having some beautiful weather. So are we - we had rain yesterday and snow today (although its already melting)!