Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Lake

The Lake  by linfrye
The Lake , a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Our spring is swiftly moving into summer - at least heatwise. We have already experienced temps in the mid 80s, and it seems to me that our summer plants are making their appearance mighty early. Already my purple cone flowers are ready to open, the blackberry flowers and vines are rambling all over, and my daisies are about to pop! Sure makes me dream of summertime by the lake ...but since it is still April .... that leisure vacation is a long way off.

We're expecting rain for most of the week, and after all the high heat, the plants are ready for it ...

Hope your day is terrific!


Wezz said...

Hey Lin, It's the same here! We've had 2 very dry months now and April was very hot for belgian standards, we've even been BBQing a few times! The garden desperately needs rain but I really love the nice weather coz I can sit outside and it's only April!
Nice to see you are still painting!

Joan T said...

Hi Lin, I 'm slowly catching up on the paintings I've missed the last few days. I love this peaceful one of the lake, and your Easter tulips were gorgeous!!! How nice of the dentist to plant all those flowers.

We have had a little bit of sun, some fog, some drizzle...a typical NY weather pattern for this time of year. Maybe I can finally put away my winter coat. Have a great day!

Katiejane said...

Lovely painting. Much rain here. We've broken the record for our area; over a foot of rain in the month of April. Not very hot yet.

Lorraine said...

We also have broken the record for rain in KY in April and it's not over yet but thankfully today (4/28) dawned cool and dry. So much flooding though. It's been a very scary spring.

I love this serene painting. I have a couple of new/old books by Szabo and they your painting reminds me of him. I love the scene, the colors, and the softness. I want to jump into that scene and stay!!
Big hugs,