Friday, September 16, 2011

Moorland in Evening's Glow - Challenge

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Ahhh.... home!! So GOOD to sleep in my own bed again, visit my droughted garden, wild kitties, and unpack my poor car! LOL Mike got home safely as well and is feeling pretty good --- Grateful hearts all around!

It's a working weekend for me with a field trip on Saturday, cooking today for a class on dehydration I'll be teaching next week, and catching up from my time away.

This painting was done before I left for Charleston -- I wanted to focus on the colors of the heather -- to intensify those as the center of interest - and so I didn't paint in the bench from the original photograph. Seeing the painting again this morning - I think the addition of the bench would join the two trees somehow so I might add it later on. Still, I really enjoyed playing with these colors and the challenge of having those compliments work without becoming mud.

We've a cold front moving in ... at least for the weekend. Temps won't reach 70F ... quite a change from summer highs that hovered near the 100s!

Hope your weekend is restive!


Teri C said...

Love these colors together.
So happy life is returning to normal, busy and normal

Lorraine said...

So glad everyone is home safely!!

Ah, what a lovely composition and the colors really did work out beautifully together. I think I would add the bench but it's also lovely just as it is.

Whew, going from the frying pan into the fire. Pace yourself dear friend, as much as possible.

Our weather here is going down in the 40's at night and high 70's in the afternoon -- perfect fall days. YIPEE.
Big hugs,