Friday, September 30, 2011

Rose of Sharon - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

1/8 sheet
Arches 140#CP

TO ME!! Although not one of those 'milestone birthday's - today gets me one year closer to retirement ... yippee!! LOL (now to hope the economy improves so retirement can be a reality! LOL) We'll celebrate with a quiet dinner tonight with my son and grands, calls from my friends and family, and for me -- much needed R&R!!!

We gleaned not one quarter of a friend's field of sweet potatoes yesterday(a most generous offer and donation by her family) - filling the back of one of our volunteer's trucks, an SUV and our school van - for a total of over 1,341.85 POUNDS OF SWEET POTATOES! Some of the potatoes were small - but mercy, some of those were as large as my foot! For nine older women and one older man -- we bent, dug, gathered, piled, hauled to the trucks -- and then unloaded all three vehicles at our drop off point for the Interfaith food shuttle. WHEW! How we all grew in admiration for the folks who do this type of work each and every day! Their backs and shoulders are mighty strong!

We ate lunch together guessing the weight of our donation - looked at plants and as tired and sandy as we were, simply rested and laughed in the followship of a job well done.

Got home late last night, started laundry, bill paying and the like -- Another dear friend of mine dropped off a bucket of chestnuts so this weekend we'll treat those so we can use them through the winter. Charles has his jam Sunday and we'll have company for dinner, and tomorrow is an open house at one of my favorite gardens -- yeah, yeah -- another busy one --

But sometime this weekend, I will wet those brushes and take a nap! LOL

Have a great day!!!!

PS the flower is from my garden -- and some flowers on that shrub are still in bloom!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Your rose of Sharon is exquisite. Love your work.

Elizabeth Smith said...

Beautiful and expressive, Lin! A very wonderful birthday to you!!!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Happy Birthday, Lin!

As always your art inspires me and fills my heart with joy,


Joan T said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lovely juicy look to this! Well done.

Enjoy your birthday and your weekend.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Happy Birthday to you, love your rose of Sharon beautiful !

Enjoy your R&R. Off to see my grandchildren this weekend.

Take care

Lorraine said...

Your birthday and you give US the gift of your beautiful Rose of Sharon.

Sending you wishes for a very happy birthday (a bit late!) but go ahead and celebrate all weekend long -- you deserve it! Make it a good start for your new year!

Have a great weekend and get a little bit of rest, after all, you are not getting any younger LOL.

Very big hugs,

Teri C said...

Sounds like a great one.
Beautiful painting.