Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow to Come ? - Memories of Last Year's Snow

1/4 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

No, no snow here, just the cold and damp following our heavy rains yesterday. Instead of white, our world is grey and only those long-clinging leaves on the oaks and beech trees give our evergreen woodlands a bit of autumnal memory.

Snow fell in our mountains, and according to 'weather signs' - like the inside of persimmons seeds, we're to have a snowy winter. I like snow -- of course - when I don't have to shovel it, when the power holds, when I don't have to go out in it. So in the warmth of my office and no snow in the forecast, I can DREAM of snow, remember it from last year, and anticipate its falling this winter.

It's been a busy, productive week - designing portions of the ethnobotanic garden, preparing a wreath as a sample for our class, year-end reports and the like. Tonight, we hold our soap crafting class - and if it goes like those in the past, it will be a late, late night --- but a lot of good, clean fun! LOL

Temps will remain cold today but the sun should be up soon ...

Hope your day is bright!


Lorraine said...

Beautiful painting Lin -- love the tree limbs too. I was looking out the kitchen window yesterday and thought: I must sketch all the tree limbs I see -- so many unusual shapes!

We had rain, sun, sleet, snow, rain, sun, then very cold. Many parts of the state had flooding and snow. Winter is here!!

Enjoy your class tonight; wish I were there!

Joan T said...

Love the shadows on the snow!!! Super job!

I love seeing snow and painting it (even in plein air) but hate having to shovel or clear it. Hope the snow holds off for a while.

Have a great day!

Katiejane said...

Lovely painting. No snow here yet either, but it won't be long.