Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ice on the Lake - Thank YOU - Denis Collette

10" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

When the day begins with frost on my windshield, and the darkness of morning seems deeper and denser than any ink,
When day breaks with a mere changing of the grey,
and clouds gather even more closely,
When sound echos and arrows through the cold air
is a day that I so hope
for snow.

But here in the piedmont of North Carolina, even with days that begin with such promise, by afternoon that bright El Sol seems to win the battle of the sky, temperatures rise, and no snow falls.

But it is most often then, that my Northern friends on Flickr, provide just the inspiration to fill that longing -- and one of these dear hearts, Denis Collette inspired and filled me with joy with his image "Rivage sur glace...!!!" ( Thank you Denis -- not only for permitting me to use your photograph for this painting -- but for bringing me that longed for SNOW that sends my heart singing!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Driving into work this morning, I saw a shooting star -- another rare event for me so made me smile!

We have our 'eat-a-thon' today - our volunteer brunch and our college annual Christmas luncheon ...The day will be filled with holiday music and laughter, the joy of folks coming to celebrate the season, and for those of us in higher education, the close of a fall semester. We are all ready for a small break.

There's no snow in the forecast for the next week - but I'll keep hoping. And thank Denis, and those of you who are fortunate enough to have some, for sharing that part of the season with me!


jinxxxygirl said...

Lovely painting! Its so nice to know i'm not alone in wishing for snow. Why does it seem that the ones that have snow don't want it and the ones that don't , want it?? LOL! Merry Christmas!

Lorraine said...

I love the watch the snow from inside now!! But if I have to get out in it to drive, nuh uh!!

Your painting of Denis's photo is beautiful Lin and has that very suggestion of snow so apparent in New England just before a big Nor'easter. Not only a beautiful painting but a poem exists below. You must must must put all these poems, thoughts, prose with the paintings and publish a book. The perfect coffee table book to read while it's snowing outside LOL.

Enjoy the day's festivities.
Big hugs,

Joan T said...

Perfect icy colors!!! Bravo!

Today we woke to temps of about 50 degrees, so it is hard to think about snow. lol I guess it will be here before we know it. Enjoy your eat-a-thon!

Katiejane said...

I'm sorry you have no snow. When we get some I'll send it to you. I no likey. Beautiful painting.

Teri C said...

Just so beautiful!

Maree said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lin! That snow and frozen lake look absolutely inviting!