Friday, December 02, 2011

Pair of Teasels

Pair of  Teasels by linfrye
Pair of Teasels, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

"The color, we say, is gone, remembering vivid October and verdant May. What we really mean is that the spectacular color has passed and we now have the quiet tones of Winter around us, the browns, the tans, a narrower range of greens, with only an occasional accent in the lingering Winter berries. But the color really isn't gone. The meadow is sere tan....the bronze curve of the goldenrod...the cinnamon seed head of the pungent bee balm....the white parentheses of the stark birches...bronze tuffs of one-winged seeds...of the box elder..." (Hal Borland - 'Sundial of the Seasons'

One of my most influencial nature writers - Hal Borland - was once a columnist for the New York Times. He died in 1978, so his books and words have been keeping me company and helping me 'see' the world around me for many, many years.

I like to start my day (when I'm home) with one of his 'journal' entries, In his book 'Sundial of the Seasons' these entries are daily and mark the progression of the seasons day by day as he saw them in his Northeastern home. Some days, like today, his sentiments echo the words I'm searching for, the observations I too have made - his pen far more eloquent than my own.

When I finish one of Hal's passages, I find myself a bit more aware of the world around me, better able to approach a new artwork with a heightened sense of 'seeing.'

Do you have books or music or words to inspire your paintings and creative work? I'd love to hear them ....


Teri C said...

So pretty Lin. I need to look u this author.

Joan T said...

Lin, you have a way of expressing yourself so well...maybe it has something to do with the inspiration you get from reading his words. I like this!

Lorraine said...

Love the painting and I didn't know they were called teasels. You did a fantastic rendition of them. I used to like to make bouquets of wild dried things, pods, cattails, and these and add them to my pussy willows each fall.

I love the quote and will have to look up the author. What a nice idea to start the day with his nature journal. But you are so poetic yourself too -- and I love reading your descriptions along with your beautiful paintings.

I must admit I start my day with coffee, my email, a couple of favorite blogs, and the Cat of the Day. So, I would have to say that you are my artistic and poetic inspiration!

I also go to Karla's blogs. We share a love of cats and creating ATCs. Karla does much more wonderful artwork too. So she inspires me but I no longer have the energy you two do!

I will post Karla's blogs in my next reply.

Sometimes I go to the SAQA site and look at beautiful art quilts and sometimes to Haines site to see what shes been up to. Her recent dog paintings are pure delight.

Big hugs,

Lorraine said...

Links as promised:

Endment said...

Wandering through your blog - enjoying all the beauty of both words and images. Hal Borland is also a morning inspiration for me.
Really enjoying your blog