Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunset - Thank you Taru!

Sunset - Thank you Taru! by linfrye
Sunset - Thank you Taru!, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10" x 13"
Arches 140#CP


Day's end - the putting down of a rushed, intense busyness that marks this time of year. The last glimmers of an almost 'celebratory' completion of a day filled with cooking, wrapping, preparing, planning, and more cooking.

My Friday.

My Saturday.

And then -


That soul-lifting, heart-jumping joy of 'finished' - with a kitchen that still holds the aroma of the day's work. The amen and halleluhah of a good day of labor followed by sundown and the satisfaction of a long night's rest.


This painting began with a challenge posed by my friend Doris with permission from Taru to use her incredible capture ( to inspire a painting that both Doris ( and I would do. A most special thank you to Taru for the inspiration and the jaw-dropping beauty of her work! THANK YOU, Taru!! Please take a look at Taru's wonderful flickr stream! And check out Doris' alternative and spectacular approach! A really interesting aspect of imagery - to see the same scene through different eyes!

I began the painting after a two-day marathon of holiday baking and gift wrapping and completed the work yesterday. I took a more moody approach to the image, trying to capture that rosey, sienna light that marks the kind of sunsets I love best.

In writing my comments this early morning, with the last glint of moonlight in the west and the sunlight just rimming the east, the sense of celebration did indeed inspire the work ... as it truly marked the ending of two long, long days. It was indeed - my sunset - felt through every tired muscle! LOL I LOVE when life comes together like that!

Hope your Sunday is filled with celebration and all good things!


Lorraine said...

The painting is so lovely Lin and even before your description I could feel what you described about your last two days. The faint pinkish color in the sky and water, the serene look and feel to the quiet of evening's sunset -- calming all the senses and looking like a breath of fatigue and accomplishment all in one. It just says: let's rest now, the day's work is done and you need to stop and enjoy the sun as it goes to it's rest on your side of the world. What a quiet yet full of feeling painting.BRAVO on all your accomplishments and especially this beautiful "day is done" painting.

Claire M said...

Gorgeous sunset!

Teri C said...

It's simply gorgeous!!!

Maree said...

Beautiful Lin, you did the photograph proud!

Joan T said...

Beautiful job, Lin!!! This is the kind of painting that makes one want to be there in person to enjoy the sun going down. It has a really nice feel to it!