Friday, December 09, 2011

Winter's Coming Landscape - Thank YOU Andrey Salikov!

9" x12"
Arches 140#CP

One should be careful for what one wishes. Our warm weather has disappared, and the freezing morning temperatures have arrived! And though I throw on an additional article of clothing -- it FEELS more like the season -- and I can begin to ready for the holidays with a more spirited soul.

My thanks to Andrey Salikov for inspiring this painting! Thank you Andrey! Please see his awesome flickr stream! Andrey's view is of a frozen winter scene - and it looked so much like the view of my neighbor's farm that it begged to be painted! Thank you again, Andrey!

Here and there beech and oak leaves linger on the trees....but for the most part, the woodlands are bare save for the evergreens that seem to anchor the landscape. While the mornings are frigid, the afternoons warm to a wonderfully pleasant 50F to 60F. There is often fog in the morning, and often sunshine in the afternoons. Yesterday was one such marvelous day as we took our Plant a Row for the Hungry volunteers to see the Christmas decorations at our state's capitol and Governor's Mansion. What a treat!

There was a small crowd queing to go through the metal detectors before entering the stately home, but we moved quickly - and oh was it worth the wait! The main floor was decorated in high style - enormous Christmas trees from various North Carolina counties decked in different styles. Some were gold, some old-fashioned reds and greens, others, like the one tree in the sunroom and dedicated to our state's military, fashioned with children's drawings and ornaments in red, white and blue! Carolers were singing in one of the rooms and chandeliers, walls, doors, stairways were all swagged with our native greenery! Eye candy to be sure.

Our own wreath-making class the night before - see!/profile.php?id=100002973201572
made us even more aware of how rich our own woodlands and properties are for collecting an incredible variety of different greens and berries and using our native plants for decorations and wreaths.

We had a warm, talk-filled lunch, did a bit of holiday shopping, then returned to the college to finish out the day. A grand time for everyone - bringing this kindred group of generous volunteers even closer.

I got home late last night and began this weekend's busy commitments. Next week is the last workweek for most of our college employees (not me, sigh), and so it will be filled with gift exchanges, luncheons, and the like. I must have all my gifts, recipes, lunch items ready to take on Monday - so I'll be in the kitchen cooking, baking, and then wrapping and mailing gifts in order to get those delivered in time for Christmas. I won't have much painting time, but the house will smell divine! LOL

I hope your weekend is wonderful and filled with those memory-making scents of the holidays!


Lorraine said...

Lovely painting Lin. I really like the misty look in the back and the feel of winter in this painting.

Wed. our temps dropped and we had spitting rain, sleet, and in the afternoon beautiful but short big fat flakes snowflakes swirling in the wind.
Since then sun which I am soaking up like my cats do!

Whew, busy, busy, busy. My holiday shopping is complete except for Great Harvest bread for hubby's family to be bought at the very last moment. And I can hardly wait to give out your gorgeous Zazzle calendars and see and hear the delightful comments that I heard last year. I think this years' calendar is even more gorgeous than last years. You just keep getting better and better and better.
Big hugs,

Joan T said...

Brrr!!! This has a frosty look to it! Nice job!!!

I am so behind in what I need to do. I admire your energy and how much you do ever day!!! Enjoy!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Wow Lin, another magnificent painting. Love it, andI am a big fan of your work.