Saturday, December 03, 2011

Winter in the Country

Winter in the Country by linfrye
Winter in the Country, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Nope, still no snow -- but THINKING about it as the holidays approach.

The cold welcomes me each morning, and though the temps rise nicely during the day, by 4:00 pm, the cold returns - seemingly even more frosty than the morning with the sudden drop. Still, I favor a bit of cooling these days, as it seems more 'holiday-ish.' I find it difficult to sing Christmas carols when I'm in short sleeves and flip-flops! So, I dream of snow, and imagine that the morning frost is really an inch or two of the white stuff, and the fleeting frozen dew stays on the ground long enough to create a winter wonderland. And what's even more fun ..... as picture-makers -- we can paint what our hearts see ... and not just our eyes! LOL

We begin our holiday cooking today as well, and a bit of decorating. My chores, except a few for work, are about done, and so the weekend can be filled with holiday preparations.

The sun is shining, the frost is quickly disappearing, and the clock is moving swiftly ....

Hope your day and weekend are wonderful.


Lorraine said...

Ah it's lovely Lin. I love the snow, the old building and oh those wonderful trees. You and your snow!!! I guess I'm too old and cranky to enjoy it except from safely inside! Growing up in VT probably plays a role in that attitude. But I do so love snow photos and snow paintings and yours are always delightful.

We are having the same weather and I delight in the sunshine after so many days of rain. The last three days have been gloriously sunny.

Enjoy your weekend of festive preparations.
Big hugs,

Katiejane said...

Beautiful painting. Takes me back to my younger days of Christmases at my grandparent's house.

Joan T said...

Great job on this! I share your feelings about the snow until my car makes it's first skid on the messy roads. It has cooled down a bit, but we are far from frosty!

Enjoy your day!

Maree said...

Gorgeous Winter painting Lin! Now imagine Christmas with temperatures of 30-35C (over 100F!), lazing on beaches and at the pool, having barbecues and driving along hot, dusty tracks in the Game Reserves and wearing shorts, short sleeves and flip-flops! Ha ha! Maybe we should swop out one season!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Oh, Lin, this is absolutely beautiful. Oh, what a great idea. We can make snow in our paintings. I will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.