Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Snow - Thank YOU - Fran!

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

It's been such an unusually warm winter. Already the temperatures are in the 40sF and dawn hasn't even broken. We're expecting to reach the high 60sF by this afternoon. The flower buds are swelling on most plants, and some have even been fooled into blooming. I watch the Prunus mume (flowering apricot) trees by one of our campus lakes as they dress our gray days in vivid pink blossoms, and I hope that if the weather is to be as mild as it's been, that perhaps THIS year, the fruits will survive any remaining winter winds, and I'll be able to make apricot preserves once more. It's been well over four years since any of their fruits have survived a winter.

Still, I know those folks in the north are tired of it, but I still would love a good snowfall. Somehow it just doesn't seem like winter without at least one dusting of white. Barring that, I am ever grateful for those folks who do have snow, like my friend Fran in Canada, generously share their white worlds with us. If I can't experience the softening silence of the white stuff, thank heavens I can vicariously share a bit of it through photos and paintings. Thank YOU again, Fran, for the inspiration and for allowing me to have a bit of snow this year through your photos and my painting of your marvelous world. Please see Fran's incredible flickr stream!! (

May your day be warm and wonderful -- sun, snow or rain!


Lorraine said...

A beautiful painting Lin. It has just enough pink in the sky to make it a pleasant winter day instead of a dreary one. I remember days in VT when we'd had a foot or so of snow and then sun the next day and it was too bright to see anything. And then there were those leaden days of snow and gray unrelenting skies. Your painting is a perfect balance between the two and I love it. I especially love the trees of course!!

Joan T said...

Bella!!! I love the shading on the snow. If I had snowscenes like this I would gladly have it keep snowing. Our 4 inches melted yesterday in the warm air. Enjoy your day!!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Lin, another brilliant painting from you. Love the new format of your blog as well. I have been enjoying flickr thanks to you.