Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fogotten Season - Pods - THANK YOU Ronah Lee

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

As I walk the fields and streams, the beauty I find in winter, the fogotten season, reminds me that even the pods and seedheads that remain after fall's glory contain their own splendor.

This painting was inspired by a fabulous image by my dear friend, Ronah (www.flickr.com/photos/kookie895/6654941143/in/faves-linfrye/). Please drop by her site to admire the most wonderful images!!! Thank you again, Ronah!

Though my walks through the fields have been curtailed of late, I have an earthware pot filled with forgotten winter beauties. Dried grasses, pods, capsules, seedheads fill that floor-standing vase and it brings all the colors of winter to the corner of my home where it lives.

To some eyes, the winter terrain is dull and colorless, especially following fall's more brilliant, vivid hues. But if one looks closely, the colors, quieter, a bit more serene, are just as magnificent: chocolate, ecru, coffee, russet, tan, olive, auburn, ginger. Naming the colors is almost as enticing as finding all the variations of earthtones!

There's a book I read ages ago entited "The Forgotten Season" that identifies the pods and seedheads that we tend to overlook. That wonderful volume reminds me that each season has its magnificence - all we need are eyes to see and a heart to appreciate.

Mom continues to improve and once more I thank you most gratefully for all your prayers.


Teri C said...

These are use beautiful Lin! I love seeing these also.

Joan T said...

Lovely!!! Little delights like this make you believe in anything. If there can be such an endless amount of subtle color and shading in these tiny pods, all is well! Enjoy your day!

Lorraine said...

The shapes of the pods are wonderful! And the colors too. You have been really bringing out the beauty of the winter with the colors you mention so you must not be missing snow too much!!

I also used to always make a fall bouquet gathered from the country road sides to enliven my home in the winter -- cat tails and dried pussy willows were my special favorites.

So glad you mom is improving. Perhaps now you can rest a bit easier.
Big hugs,