Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Ballerinas with Unryu Paper

9" x 12"

We're back to shirt sleeve weather with temps supposedly reaching 80F tomorrow! The flower parade continues despite our dips now and then into cooler weather.

I LOVED Bill's challenge ( and decided to give it another go. I used Unryu Paper to texturize the background and soften it into a 'dreamy' atmosphere -- much like the days we're having. Yes, spring fever has begun!

Work continues to be busy with workshops from now July, and we are preparing for our annual Plant Sale in April. Already the seeds planted in the greenhouse are about ready for planting outdoors, and we'll do just that once the temperatures stabilize a bit more). We are also busy in earnest with our Plant a Row for the Hungry activities.

Still, it's a magical time as winter recedes into memory and spring lingers longer .....

Enjoy your day!


Teri Casper said...

Such beauty! Love the texture you achieved.

Joan T said...

This makes me feel like I'm in the sun at the Botanical Gardens. Lovely color and texture with that paper. I love it! I love the title too...makes me imagine this twirling in the breeze.

Have a great day!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

You work is so beautiful. Love the new look to your blog. Your paintings are fresh and lovely.

Janina B. said...

Wow... es ist ein Meisterwerk Lin und der Bill ist bestimmt glücklich. Das ist die schönste Umsetzung seines Foto. Herrlich;-)

Lorraine said...

Oh my, perfect little flowers and they do remind one of ballerinas. But oh that Unryu paper is just the perfect thing here. You have such patience for detail and yet you do the "loose" look so beautifully too -- I am always amazed!