Monday, July 02, 2012

Morning Glories - Commission

Morning Glories - Commission by linfrye
Morning Glories - Commission, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

These morning glories were done as a suggestion for a larger commissioned work. The final painting will be a half-sheet (15" x 22"). I presented this to my client for color and composition and was given the go-ahead. I've been working on the larger work this weekend.

The weather has turned blistery -- for four days, we've been in the 100sF with equal humidity, making being outdoors very challenging to breathe and impossible to work. So instead of playing outside, my first weekend of retirement was spend indoors getting my book cases organized and making space for get togethers, craft workshops and an upcoming vist by my plant a row friends. I've tried to get to this project for MONTHS, and having 2 days without the obligations of work, finally made it happen!

I'm so excited about this upcoming get together - I am beside myself with joy! We've scheduled a 'crafts day' for the last week in July -- to include a covered dish and card-making, collage session. I've now got the room ready, and I'll spend the next week or two organizing materials and finding something very special to cook. To think of these marvelous, generous, fun-loving friends coming to my home makes my heart soar ...

With the last weeks finalizing at work and retirement paperwork and procedures to put behind me, I haven't been working on watercolors with any haste. I've found the need to 'nest' and make my home "mine' again my priority. Cleaning corners, organizing space, tossing out extraneous papers - are all part of the process for me. I've a lot more to do, but for now, this major project says to my soul 'You're HOME!'

Painting is definitely on tap for this week ... as is an already a scheduled mid-week dinner with my son and grandchildren.

Friends, family, TIME!!!!!! to paint, play and connect - are such blessings - that again, I am runing over in tears of gratitude ....

I so hope your week is wonderful ....


Lorraine said...

The morning glories are lovely Lin and I'm sure the larger version will be even more so.

What a delight it was to read your blog this morning. It makes MY heart happy to know that you are so excited about all the nesting things you are doing -- I love reorganizing so I know how good that feels but to be home again for the whole week -- I can't even imagine what a joy that is to you! And all the fun and exciting things in your plans for the near future just make me joyful for you.

I am doing the happy dance for you (in my mind as my legs and feet won't cooperate!) and know that you are now facing each day with joy and expectation for all the new adventures to come.

Brutally hot here too 103 for several days in a row. The air cond. can't keep up so not much gets done and then only after dark or very early in the morning.
Finally a bit of rain last night but we are woefully behind -- just the opposite of last year's situation.

I'm off to the library with a stack of books as it's not going to be much better for days and days.
Big hugs and joyful congratulations.

Joan T said...

I always loved the simple elegance of morning glories. This looks lovely and should make a great larger painting.

Nesting is good. Get yourself all set. The art group sounds like a lot of fun.

It has been warm here, but bearable. I am heading to GA on Wednesday for a few days for a wedding. I hope it isn't brutally hot there.

Melliott said...

They are really luminous, and you captured the color perfectly. Good one.