Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellow Sunrise over the Lake

10 1/4" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

The bright, hot, HOT days continue, and though we've have rain accompanying the afternoon storms, the weather continues to be extraordinarilly hot, and I seem to gravitate to the coolness of blue. There's something mighty refreshing these days in that color - and I find myself looking for ways to wear it, paint it, or BE in it! Since I can't get to the beach, river, beach or marsh just yet, I'll have to settle on wearing it and painting it! LOL

We visited the farmer's market yesterday --- what fun! We got there early (to avoid the heat) - and despite the fierce sunshine, there were six different musical set-ups - all adding wonderful notes to the festivities. Vegetables were overflowing the bins (despite the drought!), fruits of all kinds, organic meats, flowers to delight the senses, a crowd that was laughing and happy-- an all together FUN event!

We brought home some fresh pork for lunch today, speckled butterbeans (YUM), pounds of tomatoes - rich, ripe, juicy -- some for sandwiches and most for drying for winter use, and the most wonderful bouquet of variously hued sunflowers. (More on that after I get those painted. I think the sunflowers are going to be a series! LOL)

We had an early lunch at a little cafe and by the time we left (around 12:15 pm) - there was a line out the door! So glad we got through early!

By then, both C and I were growing overly warm and called it a day. At home, cooled by blessed air conditioning, I sliced the tomatoes for the dehydrator, painted a bit, and readied a meal for company tomorrow. We even had a chance to watch a bit of the Olymics!

Today we rest, walk a bit and prepare for a busy week. I'm planning a visit to see my mom and sisters so I'll have limited posting time ...

Hope you have a cool, refreshing Sunday!


Teri Casper said...

So absolutely beautiful Lin!!!! Peaceful and serene.

Lorraine said...

Oh I love the feel of this -- the blue, white and yellow -- almost monochromatic but just enough color to make it an exciting painting. You SO impress me dear Lin with your creative talent. I feel cooler just looking at it!!

The farmer's market sounds wonderful and encouraging after so much bad news about the crops last night on the news.
Big hugs,