Monday, October 08, 2012

Flowered Window in Civita - Redeaux

10" x 14" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

Sometimes I just really fall in love with a view or scene and can't part with the painting. This painting of Civita combined various methods that I tried and loved and the view itself never fails to bring me back to that magical visit to Italy. So after my first painting of this window sold, I absolutely HAD to paint one for myself while the techniques were still fresh in my mind. This one hangs on my living room wall. There are a few subtle differences between the two paintings, however, but the emotional connection I feel to this particular window, hits me time and time again.

Do you ever do that? Return to a view to paint it again and again? So often when I am looking for 'inspiration' for another painting, I'll go through my image files and find that I am drawn again and again to the SAME photo or simliar types of photos that I've painted before. Though I often try new techniques or approaches or colors or composition, it's those same scenes that appeal to me time and time again.

The weather here has been influenced by a cold front that has brought us rain and gloomy clouds. I'm hoping that once this passes, the cold -- no warmer than high 50sF -- will inspire the trees to become more fallish in their coloring!!

Hope you have a grand week!


Lorraine said...

What a lovely painting. How I'd like to be living behind that window looking out on that beautiful tree and down into the window boxes; or, walking up the walk and seeing that scene and knowing "I'm home."

About repainting the same scene -- you are in good company with many painters -- most notably Monet!!!

Thanks for the very lovely scene to cheer up this gloomy day. Yesterday when I was out I saw brightly blooming zinnias. I wanted my husband to stop and ring the doorbell and ask to buy some! The trees here have started turning but are very dull compared to most years -- we've had little rain and no really cold temps yet so to see those bright flowers all along the road in the same yards as the dull reds and yellows of the trees was an interesting experience.
Big hugs,

Laura Moore said...

This is beautiful and I can see why you are drawn to the same image time and time again.

Joan T said...

Lovely painting of the window! Bella!!!

I do that too...repaint and resketch the same scenes. I guess there is just something in that view that calls us back.

Have a great day!

Teresa said...

Hi Lin,

Starting to get back to reading a few blogs (yes, this is Teresa who loves cold weather. Yes, I'm still alive! lol) and WOWEEEEEE!!! This is one FAB painting!!! I'm green with envy!