Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morning Autumn Sunlight - THANK YOU - Xandra!

10" x 14" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

That autumnal light - so clear, clean, brilliant - marvelous on its own. But when that same light filters through morning haze and fog -- the effects are so sublime and filled with mystery that I am jaw-dropped in awe. I've been able to capture a bit of that light in some of my recent photographs, and I gravitate toward these incredible images and morning moments.

It was just such a photograph that stopped me in my tracks and made me sigh with joy ... . Not only was that special 'light and fog' all part of the image - but she also captured that incredible, dreamlike color that we have yet to see in my part of North Carolina. Xandra so generously permitted me to use her wonderful image as a reference to paint. What inspiration!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Xandra. (Please stop by Xandra's photostream for more incredible images!!)

I'll be attending a workshop by Jean Haines this weekend, so I'll be off-line for a while -- what a privilege!!!! Can't wait!

The leaves here are falling fast, and with the potential of Hurricane Sandy to pay us a visit this weekend, that wind and rain will rip even more leaves from the trees -- all before they have had a chance to really reach their typical peak of gold, orange and scarlet.

With such dangerous weather as a potential event for us and the Eastern seaboard of North Carolina, we are keeping our eyes peeled to the forecast and prayers for everyone's safety.


Lorraine said...

Oh my gracious, how lovely and yes so
typical of early morning and late afternoon sunlight pouring onto and through the branches of the trees at this time of year. Your soft muted colors are so very lovely Lin. They demonstrate the softening of the air as we have Indian Summer to remind us of what we will miss in a few days or weeks!
I love it!

Joan T said...

Beautiful!!! I always thought of rays like that as "hands of God." Travel safe and please call. I will try to get to see you while you are in this time.

Teri Casper said...

Strikingly beautiful!!!!!!!

Jerly said...

Its v difficult to get the effect of streaming light! Loved this