Monday, November 05, 2012

Sassafras - The Glorious Color Before Sandy

Throughout the fall, I have been moaning about the lack of color in the trees of our neighborhood.
But when I went to visit my mom and sisters and I took a walk around the neighborhood, I was in a virtual HEAVEN of incredible reds, golds and oranges!!!

I took these photos two days before Hurricane Sandy ripped the leaves from the tree branches. Oh did I enjoy the colors!!!

On another happy note, I met two wonderful blogger friends - Joan T.( and her fabulous blog and Susan (

They joined me for Jean Haines demonstration the Friday evening before her weekend workshop. WHAT FUN! Then Joan and I spent a couple of hours together after the storm passed just chatting and sharing and making plans to get together again. Flickr and blogging have been such blessings to meet the most talented, wonderful, generous and marvelous friends!!!

When I finally was able to return home, most of the color of my own trees was gone, and with temperatures dropping and wind and rain blowing (yes, we got some strong wind and rain from Sandy too), most of the fall color is now behind us.

But since I so LOVE the fall season, these photos will paint my world fabulous colors in the gray days ahead.

Hope you enjoy them too!


Lorraine said...

How lovely. We too are experiencing a less than stellar fall riot of color. Leaves turn yellow and drop before they finish "coloring." Many trees turn a yellow-brown color. When across the street is a marvelous green tree with deep red patches in it and I have been fortunate to see a few trees around town in full fall regalia. So I treasure what we have, however small it's bounty, in comparison to our usual glorious abundance of color. Glad you got to see NY color before the terrible disastrous storm.

Debbie Nolan said...

Lin - nice to meet you - found you through Joan T - this is a gorgeous picture of the Sassafras tree. Took some time to look through your posts. Your art is lovely. Glad also that Sandy didn't do too much damage at your home. Take care and thanks for sharing your beautiful paintings.

Joan T said...

Glad you took some photos before the storm took most of the leaves. Now there are piles of crunchy leaves everywhere. I've been trying to go out and paint a bit while it is still nice enough.

Enjoy your day!!!