Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunset for Mike

Sunset for Mike by linfrye
Sunset for Mike, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

15" x 22" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

The presents have all been given and opened, and now I can share a few other projects I've been working on that were surprises for Christmas. This painting was created for my son, Mike. I painted it several months ago, had it double matted and framed and surprised him with it for Christmas. I'm thrilled to say he loved it ..!

Our first half of the celebrations, with my son's family, was an absolute delight, and the second half of our celebrations will be later this week with my daughter and granddaughters.... and so we get to experience the joy and wonder of Christmas over an extended amount of time!

The rain has begun from that strong weather system making havoc across the US. We won't get any snow from it, but instead high winds and rain, and perhaps some thunder. Around these parts, the saying goes that thunderstorms in the winter mean snow 6-10 days later ... well, we can only keep our fingers crossed! LOL

I hope your holidays were joyous ... and that the spirit of the season continues ....


Joan T said...

Lovely!!! I can imagine sitting on that dock enjoying the view! I understand why Mike loved it.

Glad you are having an extended holiday celebration with family. That is so much nicer than just one day. Enjoy your time with all of them. I loved the baby in the Santa outfit! He's so cute.

Lorraine said...

Oh if he were not delighted, I would ask to have his head examined LOL. What an incredible painting Lin. So evocative and serene. The colors are perfect. I've noticed that your paintings in the last year or so have elicited more emotional responses in me than before. I always appreciated your art but I think it really says something when paintings evoke emotion in the viewer. This one is full of unsaid things and we each can take slightly different meanings from them depending on our life experiences. This one really speaks to me Lin and I'm sure that through the years Mike will have different responses as he goes through various life changes. BRAVO LIN!!!

Big hugs,
P.S. Now you know it could not have snowed or that might have kept you from visiting with your daughter!!