Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Personal Winter Wonderland

View from my Upstairs Window toward our woodlands on a fast February snowfall.

We woke to a light rain that quickly turned to flakes and later turned to big, fat, flaky flakes and accumulated on the grasses, on the trees, on the shrubs, cars, yardart ... but not the roads. We received 2" by early afternoon. I was doing the "Happy Snow Dance" and taking a ton of photos.

By evening, the snow changed to rain with a mix of such light snow that it felt like a white mist, and, sadly to me, most of the snow was gone.

Still, I am so grateful for the technology of a camera so I could capture this 12-hour wonderland I've been so hoping to see once more before the spring sets in .

I am a grateful snow bunny ...

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