Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pond Reflections - Sharon

Pond Reflections -  Sharon by linfrye
Pond Reflections - Sharon, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

12" x 16" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

It's been cold. The northeast has been hit with a whopper of a blizzard. And here in the sunny south, there are plum trees in bloom, a colorful haze of opening tree buds in the woodlands, and lawns greening up ... It's nutty weather.

I was going through some of my archived 'favorites' and ran across Sharon's incredible photo of this pond. I painted it before in the fall but wanted to warm my chilly bones and paint it again with the feeling of summertime. I wanted to enrich the reflections so I could include it in the Sertoma's Spring Show "Reflections." Please see Sharon's photo here as well as her other wonderful, beautiful and moving work! Thank you Sharon for your gracious permission to use your image once more as an inspiration!

It's been an 'over-the-top' busy week ... finished teaching one set of classes near where I used to work, continued teaching classes near my home, met some friends for lunch, was out of town with a friend for a wonderful, 'simple pleasures' party of food tastings, and spent the last two days sitting myself down and finishing many needed chores like art submissions, class write-ups, preparing for an Herb talk due in 8 weeks (have more work to do on that - but my hand-outs are almost ready), preparing paintings for exhibits, etc, etc. I know, I know, those who told me it would be this way once I retired were certainly correct ... who'd have thought?! LOL

My prayers are with those in the eye of the storm; hope my thoughts and this image warms them a bit .. Have a super, safe, and warm weekend!


S. Sarika said...

It's very realistic, loved it. Good job!

Lorraine said...

The reflections are lovely Lin. Perfect for your submission in that category. The golden field is SO rich looking and, yes, warm. There is such a glow to this painting -- it warms my heart and spirit during this arctic weather.

I too am worried about so many from Chicago to Maine to Delaware. What a horrific storm -- reminds me of the movie (which I hated) the Perfect Storm. Watching those two storms meeting via space photos last night on the news was downright chilling in more ways than one.

Warm hugs,

Joan T said...

Oh I want to be in the sunshine in that scene! Lovely!!! We have survived the storm, but we are stuck inside until the plows come, or until I find boots that will be high enough for the 21 inches of snow outside.

Enjoy the weekend my busy friend!

Teri Casper said...

Oh wow Lin, this is just so gorgeous!!!