Friday, February 01, 2013

Sundown on the Lake - Thank you Brian!

12" x 16" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

My days have been busy, busier than I would have imagined as a 'retired' woman - filled with teaching and new friends, painting, exercising, family. With spring less than six weeks away, and the frenzy of reclaiming my garden, spring cleaning, painting and all the 'renewal' that that season requires, I am relishing those quiet, peaceful evenings when the momentum stills, the sky fills with color, and serenity surrounds my space.

So many flickr images remind me of these magical times, and many of those captures are done by my friend Brian His photostream is a fabulous tribute to the morning and that incredible peace of the sun's rise as it brings light to us once more. With his gracious permission and the inspiration of one of his images, I painted this view, transforming his image of sunrise into sundown (a particular quiet time for me), and gave my painting the colors of that serenity. Thank you Brian, for your wonderfully inspiring work and for your kindness. Please stop by Brian's flickrstream to take a sip of serenity too.

It promises to be another busy weekend. My granddaughter has another birthday (whereever is the time going??? LOL), we'll be working a bit with my son, and there are bits and pieces of chores that can only be done on Saturdays and Sundays.

Still, the peacefulness of the morning and the serenity of the sundown will be there ... if we but
stop and cherish it.

Happy weekend my friends. And thank you again, Brian!


Lorraine said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I blurted out a loud OHHHHH when I opened your blog this morning and saw that stupendous painting. Oh Lin, I can't get enough of it -- the colors and the way you put them together.
I just don't have the superlatives to adequately tell you how gorgeous this painting is. I love it. I hope it's one that you frame and keep in a prominent place in your home because it's one of your very best -- and should be the cover for next year's calendar to be sure!! Thanks to Brian and very special thanks to YOU. Heartstopping lovely.

And speaking of calendars, I turned over to your Feb. page last night and am loving seeing the lines and circles every time I enter the kitchen.
Big hugs and thanks for making this such a beautiful art day.

Joan T said...

Wow!!! I love the rich colors in this! Lovely job, Lin!!

I can't believe how busy you are now that you are retired. You make me feel exhausted. Enjoy!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Lin - this is wonderful...I can see the most beautiful glazes that gave this a wow wow painting. Thanks so much for sharing. I know what you mean about spring coming...that is why I love January and February because of the down-time they bring.

Teri Casper said...

The colors in this are just stunning!!!!!