Friday, March 08, 2013

Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Clocks by linfrye ....
Dandelion Clocks, a photo by linfrye .... on Flickr.

8" x 12" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

Though snow flew for 45 minutes the other day, the dandelions have begun making their annual appearance and in many sunny instances, have already set seed and begun their plentiful propagating ... sigh ...

But, there are more ways to conquer these prolific problem plants -- EAT 'EM!

And spring is the perfect time. These tender dandelion leaves are just perfect for preparing a spring tonic. Chickweed, henbit, bittercress, wild onions are all greening my property, and I'm thinking that along with changing the clocks this weekend to daylight savings time, a collection of these tasty ephemerals -- stewed with a bit of olive oil and a bit of red pepper or made into a savory omelet -- might just be what the doctor ordered to welcome the new season.

Care to join me?!


Lorraine said...

Oh I am just going bonkers about your "dandylions" as Rod McKuen says in his song Dandylion Days. I have tried for years to capture this stage of the dandelions and have never succeeded. I have several dandelion rubber stamps. Still not satisfied with the results. But Lin you have captured them perfectly. I love love love them!! And the way you have painted the lower background. WOW.

I can't believe they are at this stage there though. I've seen a couple rare yellow ones before the last snowfall and now that we are supposed to be in the low 60's on Sunday, perhaps I'll see some more.


Debbie Nolan said...

Lin - I know dandelions can be a nuisance but I would welcome them right now. Yours look beautiful.

I too love to cook up the tender greens and serve them with hot bacon dressing...I am sure that has to be good for you (LOL) - take care and if you get a chance send me some of your dandelions. God Bless.

Joan T said...

I've never tried eating these, but you make them look gorgeous as a painting.

Our weather everywhere is a bit strange. It has been cold down here in SC all week, and back home my husband says they had about an inch of snow yesterday.

Enjoy the weekend.

Tiffany said...

One of my favorites of yours! Really beautiful.

Much love,
T and D