Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Migration in the Foothills

7" x 11" Yupo Paper
Alcohol Ink

We awoke to temps in the 30s this morning, frost making its first appearance and announcing that the splendid fall we've been enjoying will soon come to an end.

I am loathe to let go of my favorite season and so I'll continue to brighten the shortening days with vivid colors on my palette and extend the season a bit longer.

From Hal Borland's "Sundial of the Seasons" (1964) "Frost Walks the Valleys:"

"First frost has walked through the valleys under the half moon. You could hear it whispering through the fallen leaves as it hurried down the hillsides in the evening, feel its crisp breath as it passed you on a country road. And at dawn you could see its path, glistening on the goldenrod stems and powdering the purple asters. Midmorning, and the tender gardens in the lowlands had limp and blackened rows of tomato vines to mark its path.....

First frost is like a newcomer in a strange country, following the beaten paths of the valleys .....

Meanwhile, there will be mornings when the valleys are lakes of mist, with the frost there beneath them. There will be noons when the valley air is almost touched with June. There will be evenings when the long light on the hillsides is full of magic. And there will be nights when the wood smoke wreathes the starlight in the hollows.

But once first frost has passed this way, the pattern is set ..... and after that the frost will walk boldly over the land."

Catch the color while we can! Happy Weekend!


Lorraine said...

Oh this is breathtaking Lin. I love the colors of the tree and foreground against the clear blue sky. And the birds set the sky off with their stark black.

But oh my, that tree -- incredibly beautiful. Knowing how difficult it is to work with alcohol inks makes this painting even more incredible to me.

I know I keep saying this but it's even truer today: you continue to amaze me with the way you conquer a new medium with just a few practice pieces. BRAVA dear heart.
Your biggest fan,

Debbie Nolan said...

Lin - how stunning...such beautiful colors and I am like you sad to see this favorite season move on. Am hoping for some Indian Summer though - not as colorful but oh so sweet because we know it is the last fling before winter sets in. Have a beautiful week-end. Hugs

Joan T said...

Gorgeous!!! The colors are so rich! I was in an art supply store here in Maine and was telling the owner about these paintings of yours. She was going to look into doing inks on yupo. Keep these coming!!!