Saturday, November 30, 2013

Snow on the Fir Trees

Snow on the Fir Trees by linfrye .
Snow on the Fir Trees, a photo by linfrye . on Flickr.

5" x 7" Alcohol Ink
Yupo Paper

Outside the trees are mostly bare and
Winter is nudging remaining oak and Bradford pear leaves
from their limbs.

The moon glints the deep, dark night, and
there is a deeper, colder quiet
than in any other season.

The Thanksgiving turkey remains
in leftovers, the holiday rush
has amplified, and
December is knocking at the door.

I say goodbye to autumn
and huddle down,
like the wildlife,
to begin the long, long winter.

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Oh this is gorgeous Lin. Love all the shades of winter -- so cold yet with lustrous bits of color that speak of starlight and reflections off the snow. Terrific painting and the poem suits it perfectly. You are so multi-talented.

And you have truly mastered the alcohol inks on Yupo. Congrats!