Sunday, January 05, 2014

Doors - Week One Theme Continued

To continue the 'Door' Theme, I made copies of some of the doors I painted over the years, added them to cardstock, and created 'mini' doors, closed by ribbons. Behind each door, I added quotes about doors that appealed to me.

The background is textured paper glued to the journal pages.


Lorraine said...

Oh what lovely pages. And I love the ribbon door openers. Neat idea. I can tell you are really enjoying this -- the quality shows -- it it truly an ART journal.

Susan said...

Beautiful! And a wonderful background. I started appreciating doors on our first visit to Ireland. There are also some amazing doors in New Mexico. Now that I think about it, doors anywhere tell a story of their own.

Joan T said...

I want to open each and every one of them!!! This is great!