Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recycle Tulip Grace AT5 week 9

The Documented Life Journal
Week 9 "Recycle/Collage"

I've been painting tulips for my demonstrations in preparation for my upcoming watercolor classes -- and I've struggled with getting just the right mix of realism and abstraction. So I have a large pile of 'misfits' that I could use for this week's challenge.

My pile of disappointing tulips was growing as was my frustration -- when I went to teach Thursday's class. We're finishing up garlic and will work on pears this week -- so imagine my surprise when one of my students in that class opened her book and showed me a tulip SHE was working on... and it was just PERFECT for breaking the block I had formed on this topic. I was so relieved and grateful ... and so wrote about that event on this journal page ... Grace.

I like the tulips I've done here but the background I had painted became too dark and murky looking .. so I cut out the tulips, painted a light blue background, glued down the tulips .. and used it as my challenge and journal page.

Grace indeed.

(Tulips I like better to be posted later.)


Joan T said...

Nice way to recycle the lovely tulip as part of your journal page!!! Have you been able to keep up with the journal and the classes too?

I am heading to a workshop in SC this weekend...stained paper collage with Gerald Brommer. Wish we had time to stop for a visit, but my sister will be anxious to get back to see her newest grandchild who should be born while we are away.

Lorraine said...

Perfection Lin. The shading of the tulips is just perfect and those stems -- all so realistic I feel I could reach down and touch them. Amazing what changing the background will do.