Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Arches 140#CP

Spring is here -- lots of rain, temperature fluctuations--warm, cool, hot--and of course, the yellows, pinks and purples that seem to mark the season.Throughout my property,  bright yellow globes greet me.

Yep, the dandelion has roared its way into spring.

Despite the persistence of these plants and how they often crowd out other flora, I have to marvel at their usefulness - as a vegetable, coffee substitute, wine, vitamins -- as well as an early food source  for bees and other pollinating insects.  Dandelions provide cover and color to those areas of my property that have not yet established more tender flowers and they help stabilize the soil.  And their golden glow mirrors the sunshine adding cheer to the day ...

My only  wish is that they were far more 'prudent' in their exuberant proliferation ....!!


Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Lin - this makes me smile...hope that my dandelions bloom soon because I know warm weather will have returned for sure. This is a beautiful piece of work to my dear. Hope you are enjoying each moment of spring.

Lorraine said...

This is absolutely the best painting I've seen of a "new" dandelion. So realistic -- like a photograph but better.

I too love this plant but oh I hated eating dandelion greens with eggs and vinegar as a child!!

But I always loved when they got to the "puff ball stage" and I could pick them and blow the white puffs into the air.

Thanks for a lovely and informative narrative about their many uses and especially for the beautiful painting.