Friday, December 05, 2014

A Page from my Journal

November 30 
A page from my journal -

An absolutely gorgeous day yesterday - sunshine and warm. A walk at the GAP - pines and this marsh elder - the colors we see. Lots of walkers and joggers. A simple pizza for dinner.

I really am enjoying my journal sketching and writing time. I began sketching and painting nine years ago but keeping such a journal was neglected over the years I focused on painting. Journaling has been a really good 'return' for me.

It's been wonderful, too, to have that bit of quiet time spent on reflection and contemplation without thought of perfect paintings, matting and framing. Good skill practice too.

I'm still painting for the classes I teach, gifts, and sales, but these journals are what they first were to me - a place to think, dream, meditate, reflect, practice, plan.

It's like filling the well ...


ellen joy wanjiru said...

Descriptive! Felt like I was there with you. Glad you're back to journaling.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Lin - I am so glad you share these. Think I need to put this on my list of things to do in the coming year. Certainly a way to capture life's happenings in such a lovely way. Have a great day. Hugs!

Joan Tavolott said...

I am enjoying seeing your journal pages. You seem to really be enjoying doing them. Keep them coming!