Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Herbal Art Retreat

Been preparing for this event for a few weeks.  Had a blast!
Breakfast: Toasted Coconut, Banana and Thyme Muffins
Break:: Boursin Cheese Mix with Herbs
Tortellini with Sage Butter and Olive Oil
Garlic Bread
Herbed Salad with Herbed Vinaigrette
Dessert: Citrus and Rosemary Popsicle
Chocolate Mint with chocolate bits Popsicle
Mint Chocolate Cookies
For the ride home: Aztec Chocolates
Drinks: Coffee, Unsweetened Tea, Herbal Teas, Citrus Mint Punch, Lemon Balm for flavoring tea, Water
For Planting: Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Thyme, Dill

Artwork coming soon ...


Pilgrim said...

So this is where you've been.🙂

Joan Tavolott said...

Oh, that sounds like such a wonderful day!!! Look at everyone smiling!

Deborah Nolan said...

Oh Lin this all sounds wonderful. Do you grow your own herbs? Bet everything was delicious!