Monday, November 21, 2005


The challenge was to draw something we’re thankful for. I found lots of WORDS that fit this challenge – family, friends, my home, good health, good food, my five senses, woodlands, flowers, trip to Sicily, and on and on. I find many of these things very difficult to draw in the limited amount of time I have – so instead, I’ve decided to sketch what matters most to me ABOUT each of those – and that is TIME …. The time spent with family, friends, in my garden, sketching, art-ing, eating good food, music, etc.

I have a clock that sits on my TV that belonged to my Dad. Since he passed almost 15 years ago, I thought it even more fitting to sketch the clock that he owned. To me it also reminds me of the times we had with him and the specialness of both.

I’ve also included a scan of the same clock I TRIED to sketch three weeks ago, and how unhappy I was with the outcome! I wanted to include it to remind myself that it takes TIME to improve, TIME spent practicing, and how much I am enjoying the TIME doing this.



Teri C said...

I agree, this challenge brought more words to mind than anything arty. The clock will always mean more to you now that you have sketched it.

depraton said...

I`m so glad I found your blog. This post is awesome because it shows how you made progress with practice. And this is a true motivation for me (right now I`m just frustrated) Can`t wait to read the rest of your blog :)