Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's a Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

It looks like the small get together we were going to have with Charles’s sister (after 2-3 years) and her granddaughter, Jewel, and a friend, has turned into a pre-Thanksgiving Festa.... Joye, Mike, Emily and Nick will join us, bringing our dinner party to TEN -- the first really BIG dinner party we've had in quite a while.

We've spent the morning 'child-proofing' as best we can, finding extra chairs, squeezing tables together, setting the card table, finding even more 'wouldn't it be nice' specials to cook. We're heading to Wal-Mart for another high chair (Nick is using Emily's), and a few more odds and ends.

I'm as excited as I can be ... I pick Mom up from the airport at 4:15 pm, come home to a riot of family and grandchildren, good food, photo opportunities and the pandemonium of family I've missed and missed but enjoy in short spurts!

So tomorrow will be a rest day .. And I may be quieter than usual (well, maybe -- I may need to check in for my own sanity! LOL) -- but I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!

BTW, Charles is cooking mashed potatoes (kids love 'em), venison fried steak and gravy (though everyone will think it’s beef), b-b-q corn-on-the-cob (from summer), peas for the kids, more veggies than I can remember, sweet potato pie (from a friend who makes the BEST in the world!!), banana pudding (my humble contribution) and whatever else is in the cupboard....

This get-together signals the holidays for me -- ready or not -- since it seems the cold weather and the season brings us together from all our far-flung locales and overly busy, preoccupied lives.

If the holidays do nothing more than this ... I'm grateful.

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