Friday, November 18, 2005


Today was a quiet day; one of those 'can't get going,' restful days; the first really COLD day we're had that seemed to announce that summer REALLY is past.

I've tried and tried to sketch my cat, and today I think I've finally done a decent job. I'm not quite sure about the watercolor addition, especially on text-weight paper, but the orange and white creamsicle color is close.


effie said...


It IS cat day (can we officially rename friday?)

Great sketch... I know just that pose!!

they're so cute when they're asleep!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. Your schetches are getting better with each endeaver. Good luck with the drawings and may you personal life and family bring you encouragement.

Elaine M. said...

That is just great... so evocative of catness. I liked the little sketches next to the main one.

elaine m

Linda said...

Great sketch! And "Sunny" is a perfect name for an orange cat!

Dawn said...

Yeah Lin!! Welcome to blogdom. I've really been enjoying watching your drawing take off. Now I can do it easier and comment too.

RavenGrrl said...

Nice work with this sketch. Cats are fun to sketch because they lie around sleeping so much. I personally like the addition of color, and I especially like seeing all of your studies on one page. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, too, Lin. Nice to see someone new there. I will come back often to see what you are up to.
Maureen (Ravengrrl)

p.s. I also left a comment on your garden photo pages album. Nice garden!!!!