Sunday, November 20, 2005


Jewel, Charles's sister's granddaughter is beautiful with the kind of long, brown/blond, curly hair that I could only dream of .... she's polite, well mannered, played so well with Emily and Nick, helped clean up, ate like a grown up -- man -- I remember when she was BORN!!!! Can she only be four -- ALREADY be four???

And I just saw Nick and Emily 2 weeks ago -- now Nick is holding onto fingers and walking like gangbusters, eating THREE BOWLS of mashed potatoes and gravy, cube steak, peas, and more sweet potato pie and banana pudding than Charles, me and mom together!!! Emily was quieter than I'd ever seen her ... she watch Jewel, watch Nick, play a bit, tease Nick a bit, and for the first time -- I SAW EMILY COLOR!!! So there she is with Jewel -- COLORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!

Mom's plane got in a bit late -- so by the time we got to the house, everyone was ravenous -- Charles did an AWESOME job preparing everything ... and we ate like no tomorrow .... and then, wonder-man that he is ... he cleaned up while I talked to Sis, Mike and Joye, played a bit with the grands and Jewel ... It was glorious -- and too too long between times. My only regret ... I"m now bushed!! But the joy will be shining in my dreams for nights to come ....!!

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