Friday, April 14, 2006

EDM #62 - Something Different

The challenge this week was to redo something we've sketched or painted before and use a different medium.

I've posted my original tulip, done in watercolor, and those done today in pencil (left) and acryllic (right).

I think the acryllic would have been easier to do had I the proper brushes ... but the pencil surprised me by how much I enjoyed used them.


Malinda said...

Lin, those are really lovely! You've been doing lots of lovely flowers lately! Those phlox are so delicate and the azalea so vibrant! Great work!

Teri C said...

There really doesn't seem to be much difference between do the easiest :) Lovely lovely blooms!

Jennafer said...

Great job with the tulip study. And I love the dogwood on an earlier post. I just tried to draw an entire planting bed of tulips on my lunch break to no avail. I'm really appreciating your single stem!

Laura said...

Wow, girl! You're ambidextrous ;D. No really, but you're multi-mediumed! Excellent job on all of your tulips. The clarity of the colors is stunning.