Sunday, April 09, 2006

Flower Practice

At night when I want something to sketch and can't seem to settle on something, I grab a wee book I picked up before the holidays, "The Watercolor Flower Artist's Pocket Paintbox." It came with a few pan paints (unknown brand) -- but I bought this for the book. It's only 63 pages -- with tiny illustrations of watercoloring the most common flowers. The authors would lightly sketch a flower, then show in 2 illustrations how watercolors are added. What I like best is being able to SEE the colors they are using and how their shading is done.

What I'm finding, is the most I study THEIR methods -- the better I am able to SEE the various hues and tones in 'real life' flowers! It's as if someone is say "See, Lin -- there's a bit of blue in that green" or "Look at that splotch of yellow on the petal." And then, when I go out to my own garden -- I suddenly can SEE!! (or at least see a bit better!)

So last night, in the rain and dark, I practiced a tulip and sunflower. I added a bit more of my own 'twist' to the coloring since i"m familiar with these flowers .. but I really like having a few other artists at my fingertips to study!


Teri C said...

Lin, what an interesting way to practice WC, esp. with bad weather surrounding you. Good job!

Tami said...

That sounds like a very helpful book, one of the areas that I am finding that I am having trouble with is SEEING the different colors in a subject. I have learned a lot from all of you and studying on my own but it is slow going.

starrgirl's world said...

very nice little studies - and looking hard is sooooo important, isn't it? keep up the good work!