Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lady Banksia Roses

One night this week after a very stressful few hours, I drove around campus and found the Lady Banks in full bloom. I broke off a cluster of the flowers and sketched them while I listened to a book on tape and ate dinner. I really MUST have my students propagate this lovely shrubby vine!


Anonymous said...

Now THAT's multi-tasking!!
They are beautiful!

Terri said...

The Banksia Rose is one of my all time favourite plants. I must plant another in our next place. I adore the soft delicate blossoms. You did a great job with this Lin. :o)

Bonnie said...

I want to remember this name, it is lovely. Your iris is too.

bdelpesco said...

Lin, I'm jealous that you've got dogwoods to paint - I miss the east coast spring flowers so much! But I'm glad to say I've got a lady banks in a pot on my patio, racing up an arbor leg, and it's almost ready to bloom. This is a wonderful little painting, and it inspires me to sit and sketch on the patio this weekend. All those teeny petals.... (nail biting and fretting brow). Maybe I'll just sip coffee, look at yours, and simple gaze at my laby banks. :-)
(Thanks for such nice comments on my blog. Always.)