Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Bridge

A number of years ago, my dear husband built this bridge for me. No, we didn't have a body of water to cross--it was simply a nice structure to create!

The bridge sits over a ditch on our property that we were planning to convert into a dry stream that would eventually lead into a pond. Since the last four years have been so very dry, we've abandoned the idea of a pond.

The bridge still sits over the ditch!


Lindsay said...

Lovely posts this morning Lin. I love the bridg one! You both are so talented!

SCquiltaddict said...

Great job on the did you do that...lovely painting

Laura said...

You could do a streamlike thing underneath, with river rocks place in a flowing pattern and little wildflowers tucked in between! As with the sketches below, this is so beautifully evocative of our area.

Cathy and Raymond said...

Great painting, love your little bridge.