Thursday, April 13, 2006


Another intense week and next week will follow the same insane 12-14 hour schedule. But AFTER THAT, things should (I HOPE) slow down.

Sketching this week fell to those minutes prior to falling into bed ... but I did manage sketches each day. I have one to add watercolor too before I post.

This sketch is of Rebecca's hurricane candle ... what interested me in this was the egg-holder shaped 'vase' holding the candle. I brought this piece to my room to sketch, knowing I had only a small amount of time before sleep would claim me. Since I had but a card table and chair -- I was gazing at the candle from a weird angle ... looking INTO the cup pretty much -- and compressing the hurricane shade INTO the glass plate it all sat on.

I thought I'd have time (HA HA!) to redo this for the EDM challenge and sketch it from a different angle -- but meetings ran far too late for me to do it again. So here it sits in all it's 'squashed' lookingness.

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Terri said...

I am so impressed that you manage to sketch and squeeze in some art even though you are living and working such a hectic schedule. You are AMAZING!!