Friday, March 30, 2007


Originally uploaded by linfrye.
Final day of the Conference -- It was a good conference, but sitting INSIDE when OUTSIDE was beckoning was mighty difficult!


Jana Bouc said...

Ugh! Just seeing people sitting staring at a Powerpoint presentation gives me the willies. I hate Powerpoint! There was a time when people just talked without having their words displayed on screen at the same time. Your picture captures how I feel in those meetings....trapped! Before cell phones when I carried a pager I'd make it beep during particularly boring meetings and rush out as if I had an emergency to deal with (I used to handle critical incident debriefings at my old job).

Anonymous said...

Ugh for me too; too many bad memories of long, boring meetings and especially the misery when people were still allowed to smoke in conf. rooms where meeting went on all day, The bad old days -- you've captured it well my friend!