Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Burning the 'candlestick' at both ends

I had a truly wonderful time at my dd's ... and how my granddaughter has grown! While I was there, she said 'outside' for the first time -- and we certainly spent a good amount of time outdoors!

We worked on redoing a flower bed, mulching, trimming, removing plant material, running errands, and then spent a fabulous day at the children's museum in Columbia, EdVenture (www.edventure.org)! What a grand time!! From picking soft plush vegetables and fruit from the 'trees' to having children 'shop' with their own grocery carts, place frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, canned goods into the wee baskets, to ringing up sales, to play money, to various 'rooms' from African nations including a 'bridge' complete with rain forest sounds, to a shrimp boat and camping scene with a tent and cooking materials, to a TV station and weather station, a fire truck and pole to slide down , to a construction site with bricks and cement (rubber), and snow plow that moved 'snow' blocks, music room, and the bubble exhibit 'outside' with a fountain, boats to move through mazes, huge bubbles to small bubbles, it was a TIME! And I didn't mention ALL of it!

I sketched this candlestick of my daughter's to represent something of hers and my visit, but also for the amount of activity we put into one, too-short weekend!


Lorraine said...

Lovely highlights on the candlestick and the crackles and detail in the candle are superb! Sounds like a wonderful trip/visit.

Teri C said...

You certainly accomplished a lot on one weekend Lin! Love the candle-great shadows and high lights.

wagonized said...

Such a serene picture to illustrate such a hectic time!! We use the same candle idiom in French. Very nice, Lin.

Africantapestry said...

A great sketch to capture all of those wonderful memories1 When I read your posts about your grandchildren, I can't wait to have mine too!!
I also loved your roses and although you wanted a lighter touch, I like it as is. It is very soft and the darks just dark enough to give depth. such great work you do, Lin!