Monday, September 17, 2007

Farm on Danford Rd. Burlington

Saturday was another plein air trip for our group. We visited a beautiful farm in Burlington and most of us sat and sketched areas of the pond. I sat in the shade facing the sunlit bank across the pond. The weather couldn't have been more glorious! Cooler, less humid, a mild breeze -- simply PERFECT for being in the out of doors.

Our hosts planned something different for this trip as well! We had a wonderful BBQ -- cooked on site!! Charles came with me, brought some of his instruments, and played for us as we worked and ate lunch! Made the entire day festive!!

My afternoon painting didn't go very well -- perhaps I was too sated from the food and fun??? LOL Nontheless, it was a FABULOUS day!!!


Lorraine said...

Oh what could be better, beautiful weather, music and painting! So glad you had this wonderful day and what a neat sketch and painting -- so a very produdtive day too.

Cool having a portrait done of Charles!

Africantapestry said...

What a great day! And I think your painting looks great...maybe you had far too much fun with the BBQ and all..!!

Felicity said...

Lovely! The colours and textures of the trees but also that glimpse of water!

Linda said...

Lin, this is really fabulous. I love how the foreground is shaded and the background lit -- making it the focal point!