Monday, September 03, 2007

Feeding the Ducks

Feeding the Ducks
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We took the grands to Duke Gardens yesterday -- much fun! While C and I admired the flowers (SO GOOD to see flowers SOMEWHERE!! LOL), the grands ran up and down the hills, back and forth to a tree and to us, walked everywhere, fed the ducks, and tuckered themselves out in the playing.

I tried to do a 'looser/quicker' version of the ducks we fed, wound up getting it a bit too dark, removed some highlights, and fussed a bit less with it.

Going 'simple' is going to take some work! LOL

(Worked on 140#cp Arches, Winsor-Newton paints)


krazykatlady-Lorraine said...

Oh my, the rocks are fabulous -- the dips, the sunny and darker areas -- and the water not only shows movement but also transparency -- and the color is SO like a little stream. And the ducks are so well shaped too. Wow. You just do so many subjects so well.

Lorraine Evans said...

two Lorraines can't be wrong it is just perfect I an see my self sitting right there enjoying the day.

Patti G. said...

This makes me feel like I was right there! The water and the ducks and the stones all look great! You did a fantastic job with this, as the flowers in the post below and the doors too! Your talent is shining Lin!!!!!!!! Awesome!
P.S. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog too! You are a love!

Laureline said...

Ha, simple IS hard work, isn't it! I love this one and I don't think it's my imagination that the water level is lower than usual---dratted drought!
Hve fun over the next three weeks, cara.